Vision 2020 - The Volvo Brand's Approach to a Safer Driving Environment

The well-being of drivers is a top priority for Volvo. That is why the company employs only the best and brightest engineers on its team. Their objective is to devise new ways to make driving safer and thereby eliminate traffic accidents completely by 2020. Hence, the name of the campaign is appropriately named as Vision 2020. These kinds of automotive feats are the reasons why we at Jaffarian Volvo are proud to offer our friends and neighbors from Haverhill, Andover, North Andover, and surrounding Massachusetts areas the opportunity to own an innovative new Volvo model.

What Does Vision 2020 Entail?

Traffic accidents happen all too often. In fact, it is said that approximately 1.3 million people are killed each year in such incidents, and far more are injured still. These statistics are alarming and unfortunate, and that is precisely the reason why Volvo is taking a stand. After all, "protecting and caring for people" is integral to the brand's philosophy.

While the goal of Vision 2020 to reduce traffic accident fatalities and injuries in its entirety is ambitious, Volvo is resolute in its determination. To do so, the company is taking several necessary steps to improve the production of their models. One of these steps involves continual innovation whereby automotive technology is enhanced according to data collected from real-world collisions and research from the dedicated Volvo Safety Center, which conducts over 300 crash tests and computer simulations yearly. Another step is by partnering with other companies that share a similar aspiration, such as AstaZero which opened the world's first-ever full-size test center in 2014. Through this facility, which recreates everyday traffic conditions, Volvo learns more about different collision scenarios and how best to prevent them. These are just a few steps that the automaker is taking to push Vision 2020 forward.

The Safety Innovations of New Volvo Models

Ultimately, Vision 2020 is encapsulated by the products Volvo creates, so the information gathered from the processes described above are strategically implemented into their models. For instance, each new lineup builds upon the achievements of its predecessors. This constant refinement is what the company calls the "Circle of Life."

This method has paved the way for technological advancements such as IntelliSafe, the brand's exclusive safety suite. It utilizes features such as Adaptive Cruise Control, Blind Spot Information, and Lane Keeping Aid to avert or mitigate the impact of an accident effectively. Using cameras and sensors, these driver-assist features act in part like a co-pilot. Always on the lookout and ready to intervene when needed, they do well to keep all occupants onboard safe.

Another notable advancement is the pilot program known as Connected Safety. This modern technology works with the Cloud to allow Volvo models to communicate with each other. That way, if one model is afflicted by tricky road conditions, it can send out information to drivers and authorities nearby. Innovations like these are what make new Volvo models much safer.

Get Your Volvo Model Today at Jaffarian Volvo in Haverhill

Vision 2020 is a prime example of how Volvo keeps its consumers satisfied. To learn more about this campaign and other ways in which owning a Volvo can benefit you, we invite drivers to make the trip out from Methuen, Newburyport, and other communities nearby to Haverhill, Massachusetts, where you can speak with a Jaffarian Volvo specialist today. Our knowledgeable team is happy to discuss recent Volvo safety innovations, and to chat about what's to come.