Buying vs. Leasing a Volvo in Haverhill, MA

Jaffarian Volvo is aware that no two drivers are exactly alike. As such, we understand the importance of getting to know our prospective customers. In so doing, we are better equipped to help a driver tailor their automotive finances to their individual needs. Hundreds of residents from Andover, Methuen, and Newburyport pick our dealership in Haverhill, Massachusetts, over our rivals for this very reason. In fact, people drive from across Merrimack Valley to do business with us because they all know the Jaffarian team has got their back! Now we urge you to do the same and see for yourself how we can support you.

Should You Buy or Lease Your Volvo?

One question that you might be wondering is whether buying or leasing is the better option. Believe it or not, this is quite a common question among our customers and it's one that dealership president Gary Jaffarian has answered in the past on the Ask Gary Blog. That answer is, of course, that it depends on a person's budget and lifestyle. We believe that the best way to figure out which financial route is personally better suited for you is to meet with an experienced advisor working at our Finance Center, but you can read the information compiled below for a brief overview of the differences.

Buying a Volvo in Haverhill

When it comes to buying a model, the main distinction is that you are working toward total ownership. What that means is that the monthly payments you make on your auto loan are to pay off the cost of the Volvo you want to keep. In other words, there are no restrictions as to what you can do with your vehicle. You can customize it however you see fit! You will also not have to worry about how much you drive your vehicle or how long you get to own it because there is no binding contract keeping you to set requirements. In this way, buying a vehicle gives you more freedom!

Leasing a Volvo in Haverhill

When it comes to leasing a model, the thing to keep in mind is that - unlike buying - you are essentially borrowing it from the dealership for a period of time. That means there are rules you must follow as outlined in your lease agreement, such that the model must remain in ideal condition and be under a specific mileage count. However, the benefit of a lease is that you will be subject to more affordable monthly payments. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to swap out you present vehicle for a newer one every few years. That basically means you get first dibs on the latest Volvo models in the market!

To learn more, we encourage you to check out this two-part video series from Gary Jaffarian!


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The point is that the decision for whether you should buy or lease is solely up to you! So think about what matters most to you, and when you have found a new Volvo that you like - be it a sedan like the S90 or S60, an SUV like the XC90, or a wagon like the XC60 - schedule a day to come out to our dealership in Haverhill, Massachusetts, for a consultation with a Jaffarian Volvo financier. Otherwise, call us at (888) 656-8726 or write to us online. We hope you visit soon!

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