Volvo Rebranding as a Luxury Automaker

That's right! The Volvo brand has always been highly regarded for their exceptional products, but they are now taking a step up the ladder and proudly bearing the title as a luxury line. For many enthusiasts, the news should come as no surprise. After all, the engineers at Volvo have clearly been on a league of their own for quite some time now and are every bit deserving of this prestigious designation.

A closer look at the collection will reveal as much. A good example is the new Volvo V90 Cross Country, a luxury wagon synonymous with adventure. Geared with all-weather capabilities, this model has the means to endure even the harshest challenges nature throws its way. Its driving prowess is largely owed to technological additions like Hill Descent Control and reinforcements like All-Wheel Drive. There are safety features like Pilot Assist which enhance steering precision and sensors that detect and respond to obstacles in your path as well so that you can go onward with greater peace of mind.

Another good example is the new Volvo S90 which is an elegant sedan with an attitude. Armed with innovative mechanics, this model can crank out as much as 250-316 horsepower, 258-296 pound-feet of torque, and still maintain an efficiency of 31-34 highway MPG. Interestingly, this energetic performance is paired with a softer side. That is to say, the interior is a lush escape from the hubbub outdoors. Spacious enough to stretch out, furnished throughout with premium upholstery, and packed with amenities that offer full-blown convenience such as the Sensus multimedia system, it promises a soothing driving experience at all times.

With models like these as a part of their latest selection, it's easy to see how Volvo will fit with the luxury class. No doubt, it will do a fine job of competing against top rivals. But if you still have some reservations, then dispel those doubts by seeing a model up-close with a visit to Jaffarian Volvo in Haverhill, Massachusetts, today! We are merely a few minutes away from Andover, North Andover, Methuen, and welcome friends from Newburyport too.

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